Working with a trainer to provide motivation for the new year

Now that we have begun a new year and the stress of the holiday season is behind us, its time to think about goals. Evolution Fitness is here to assist you in setting personal fitness goals. Whether you intend to begin a general fitness program or you have set your sights on a race for the Spring/Summer 2010 season it is important to assess your current fitness level and find a safe and effective path to your goal. More often than not people who are beginning a fitness program are lacking balance as well as strength, so to avoid injury it is essential that the imbalances be address through the fitness program as well as the strength issue. Often people begin their training with a lot of enthusiasm, however the appropriate measures for an effective program may not be clearly understood. For instance, if a person is planning to run a marathon the training does not only consist of logging in long runs, but also working on hills and shorter, faster runs as well as strength and proper stretching/foam rolling. The formula outlined above will produce a strong, stable runner and help to avoid overuse issues. This is just one example of how guidance from a fitness professional may provide more insight on how to safely and successfully reach your goals.

If weight loss is your main objective, working with a trainer will provide the motivation, accountability and knowledge that can make your program successful. Once again this process should begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current fitness level in order to create a safe and effective program. Incorporating strength training as part of a weight loss program will help to increase your metabolism and continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate long after the workout is over. The combination of strength training, cardiovascular training and stretching will result in a lean physique and improved overall health. A fitness professional with proper education can provide the right balance of the above mentioned variables for your individual needs.


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