What time of day is best to workout?

What time of day is  best to workout? This is a common question I get from clients and the truth is, there is not one right answer. Everyone is slightly different in terms of their energy cycles. The one thing that everyone shares in common is that the body naturally follows a 24 hour cycle of wakefulness and sleepiness, otherwise known as the circadian clock. Although this cycle is typical of all people, the energy highs and lows will vary in time of day according to your usual schedule. The circadian clock regulates daily energy according to the time you go to bed, wake up, and your exposure to daylight. Commonly energy levels are high when a person wakes up and tend to peak in the mid morning hours. Often people will experience a mid afternoon slump following lunch, then a rise in energy toward early evening, with the greatest lows being close to midnight. To determine the best time for your workout, know how your energy levels rise and fall throughout the day, based on your typical schedule. Once you have established your peak energy times, then you must take a look at your responsibilities throughout the day and find a time when you have a break that closely matches your peak energy levels. By following this simple guideline you are sure to get the most out of your training time because you will have the most energy to put into it, based on your circadian rhythm.


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