Finding the right trainer to fit your needs

Choosing a personal trainer should be something that takes time. Do your research to be sure that you find the right fit.  It is essential to find out the trainers credentials, what type of assessment they provide prior to beginning the training, what a typical training session would entail, pricing and personality fit. As far as the education piece is concerned, a trainer that holds at least a four year degree in a sports medicine related field would be most beneficial. If you do not have  the option of a trainer with a degree ask about certifications. There are many training certifications available these days, but there are only a hand full of organizations that really provide the information necessary to work safely with a clientele that have existing weakness and imbalance. (most of us have some of this to a certain degree) Look for someone who holds a certification from NSCA, ACSM or NASM. The organizations mentioned focus on knowledge of anatomy/physiology,kinesiology, exercise prescription and general nutrition.

The knowledge that a trainer has to apply to your situation is key. Each clients’ needs are different and it is essential that the trainer has both classroom education as well as practical experience in order to provide the best possible training services. Personal trainers have a responsibility to train their clients safely and effectively, while providing  the most up to date knowledge of training trends. Continuing education is essential and should be a no brainer for those involved in the fitness industry.


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