4th of July active fun

For most Americans the 4th of July is a day filled with barbeques and fireworks. Most often the festivities include lots of food throughout the day, but it can also include physical activity to utilize all those excess calories. In recent years there have been a number of road races scheduled on this date. These races are a great way to begin your day on the right foot. Often they are scheduled to begin early in the morning so they will not interfere with party plans. Active.com is a great source for finding 4th of July events that are scheduled in your area. If you are not a runner there are many options to consider to add some active fun to your day. If there is a gathering it may be fun to get everyone involved in a friendly game or competition. Below are just a few suggestions to make the 4th a little more active.

  • Ride your bike or walk to the local parade
  • Take a walk to see the fireworks in the evening
  • Coordinate a game of baseball, volleyball or frisbee
  • Swimming at the lake/beach
  • Croque or horseshoes

Have a fun and active 4th of July!


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