What’s the big deal about water consumption?

The big deal is that the human body is composed of 50-60% water. This basic element is responsible for so many aspects of optimal health, and without it we would die. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body so that all major organs of the body function properly. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body through the liver and kidneys and also aids in metabolizing fat in the liver.  Sufficient intake of water is necessary to break down solid foods and can also help to lower blood pressure in those with hypertension by providing volume to increase blood vessel diameter. The above are all just part of basic function of the human body, so to figure out how much water you should be consuming use this general formula, divide your body weight in half. (ex: if you weight 150lb, you should be consuming a minimum of 75oz. per day)

Remember that the more you sweat the more water you lose, therefore on hot days or days when you are more active you should consume a larger volume of water to replace fluid loss. Insufficient water consumption could result in extreme fatigue, cramps, abnormal heart rate or fainting and excessive dehydration could eventually result in death.


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