New moves to prepare you for winter sports

About a month ago I posted a blog that spoke about the importance of multiplanar workouts for endurance athletes.  It is time once again to think about taking your workouts out of the frontal plane and preparing your body for balance and motion through all three planes that are part of pretty much all winter sports (skiing both alpine & nordic, snowboarding and skating).  Due to the slick conditions of ice and snow, even walking can be dangerous, so incorporating some core work and single leg balance can help you prepare for just getting outside when the winter weather arrives. Some basic moves that could help you avoid taking a spill in slick conditions are as follows…

  • Plank (hold for 30-45 seconds)
  • Chops w/ a medicine ball
  • Single leg medicine ball throw downs

As for a conditioning program to get you ready for winter sports, there are several things that you can do on “dry land” to mimic the movement involved in any of the above mentioned sports. The key is working within the same plane of movement as the given sport demands. For instance alpine skiing takes the body into a repetitive lateral sway, so integrating some lateral box jumps or zig zag cones would be helpful. To improve cardiovascular fitness while integrating movement through the sagital plane jump rope (lateral jumps) is a great option.   This type of training will prepare your hips, glutes and the joints of the lower body for work through the sagital plane. Trunk mobility and core strength, which will take you through the transverse plane, are also vital for optimal performance and injury prevention. Many of the moves involved  starting with some of the basic core moves mentioned in the above list will get you on the right track. After mastering the basic there are several options for advanced core work including…

  • Side plank
  • Cable chops/reverse chops
  • Plank on the ball/bosu

For more specific information about preseason dry land training please join the class that will be offered beginning Sunday (11/13 & 11/20) 8:30am @ the East End Beach.  For more information contact Erica –


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