Pre Season Ski Conditioning;What’s important?

The snow will soon fall in the Northeast and now is the perfect time to start preparing your body for the challenges that only winter can bring. Although strength training and cardiovascular conditioning definitely have their benefits when it comes to preparing for winter sports, it is essential that you incorporate some work on an unstable surface. If you are a skier or boarder you are all too familiar with the fact that snow is definitely not stable, so in this case its important to train the way you play. If you intend to workout inside consider single leg work or incorporating work on an Airex pad (throw pillow if you’re at home), Bosu or Dynadiscs. Using these tools for a greater challenge with squats, lunges and simple balance work with overhead movement will add joint stabilization and additional work through the core. As with all sports, core strength is the basis of movement and should be included as part of your training. Adding a variety of plank positions (side plank, up & downs, 1 leg plank etc.) starting with a basic position and progressing to the more challenging options as you become stronger.  

Agility is also an element of training that should be added for a safe and successful ski/snowboard season. This type of training will provide your body with the conditioning necessary for work in the sagittal plane with the side to side landing. Variation of unilateral and bilateral agility work will allow for optimal developement for both skiing and snowboarding. Indoor workouts can include agility on a bench (lateral step ups, bump jumps, etc) or work with an agility ladder or rings. If you are outside make agility a part of your workout by lateral running, lateral  jumps or single leg bounding down a slight incline. Sand is also a great option for this type of workout if you are outside, as it provides that element of instability. The right combination of strength, cardiovascular conditioning, core work and agility will have you ready to hit the slopes by the time the snow flies for a safe, fun winter sport season.


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