High intensity workouts in less time

If time is a factor and you have to decide between whether to skip your workout all together or take advantage of the little time you have, choose the latter. It is a fact of life that some days, weeks and even months are busier than others which can make time for fitness difficult. However, taking  just 20 to 30 minutes and making the most of it will not only keep you fit, but it will also help manage your stress during busy times. Combining strength and cardio intervals will be most effective for time management and will give you the most “bang for your buck”.  Incorporating multi joint moves that include work for the upper and lower body at the same time will be more efficient and functional. A good example of this type of movement would be a squat/row (free standing squat combine with a cable row).  The combination of multi joint strength moves with high intensity cardio intervals such as burpies, jump rope, jumping  jacks or stair repeats (to name a few) will keep your heart rate up throughout your workout and blast mega calories in a short period of time. Although efficiency is key, do not skip a brief warm up as well as a cool down on the back-end. Both of these are essential to prepare your body for a vigorous workout and help prevent injury. The following is an example of a short high intensity workout…

Warm up w/ medicine ball chops & 3 sets of stairs (@ a moderate pace)

Moving quickly from one exercise to the next perform the following in a circuit format, keeping the reps for each high (15-20 of each)…

Cable squat/row

Walking lunges w/ alternating biceps curl

Mt. climber push ups

Standing curl/press

Medicine ball sit ups

30-45 second plank

At the end of each circuit add an interval such as 15 burpies, 1 minute of jump rope, 3 high intensity stair repeats or 50 jumping jacks. Switch the choice of cardio after each circuit aiming to keep the intensity/heart rate up and constantly moving! You should be able to get 3-4 full circuits in a 20-25 minute workout. Save a few minutes of stretching of all major muscle groups at the end.


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